Our Story

Our response to the global fight against COVID-19

MEDI-C is Cerie International Ltd.‘s initiative to supply and deliver to charities, hospitals, care homes, and MNCs around the world with certified quality facemask. 

Cerie started as a garment manufacturer and exporter to a number of multinational clothing companies, retailers and supermarkets. Over 27 years of trading,  Cerie’s core focus was sourcing, managing design and production, quality control and the export of products into Europe and around the world. Leveraging on our in-house experience, Cerie has developed a reputation for reliable service, and built strong connections with suppliers and delivery partners through the Asia-Pacific region. Cerie now has over 5000 employees across the Asia region.

In spring of 2020 with the emerging global pandemic, huge global demand for facemasks was met with substandard and untrusted products. Cerie has built a team in focusing to provide quality COVID-safe protective ware to Europe. Cerie’s team vetted more than fifty protective mask suppliers, and has partnered with a handful – only those with a sterile set-up for producing high volumes of quality and certified goods. Cerie has invested in reviewing the workmanship of samples, and sent samples to an independent testing laboratory to verify the particle filtration efficiency (P.F.E.) to safeguard the quality and performance of the products. 

Those masks that have met our thorough due diligence have been given a new name to demonstrate their quality: MEDI-C